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Zigzag Ikat Nail Tutorial
Have ready: 4 different shades of blue (or other) polish, a white polish, top coat and a striping brush/ thin paint brush. 
1. Paint your nails with two coats of white as a base.
2. With the darkest blue polish and your striping brush, paint tiny vertical strokes/ dashes, one next to the other, creating the starting zigzag pattern for the design.
3/4/5. With the remaining blue polish (in order from darkest to lightest), paint on the same tiny strokes/ dashes following the zigzag pattern created in step 1.
6/7/8. Continue to fill in the rest of your nail following the pattern. Don’t forget to clean up around the cuticles with acetone and a small brush (:
9. Finish with a top coat, et voilà: blue ombre zigzag ikat nails (that’s a mouthful, must think of a better name!)
10. Play around with the colours, switch them up, the possibilities are endless! If you don’t have the different shades of a colour, just mix your own with the polish that you do have. Also, you don’t have to only use 4 shades, go crazy and use 10!    tag me #nailsat2am I’d love to see! ;D || Instagram: nailsat2am

2. Orange
Used six different colours for this mani and it took 1 1/2 hours to dry! Not bad, since I have spent more than 2 hours on a design on one hand before. ANYWAY, Orange: Nicole by OPI- Fresh SqueezedYellow: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Mellow Yellow Green: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Green with EnvyBlue: OPI- No Room for the BluesPurple: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Violet Voltage 

Joint creation with @ElizeNails

More dots, more dots!